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Selling a rural property

The process of selling a rural or lifestyle property is, in some respects, similar to selling a residential property or business.

Selling rural and lifestyle property

Selling rural and lifestyle property requires some specialist knowledge. If you decide to use an estate agent to market and sell your rural property make sure you discuss:

  • Where the agent plans to list and advertise
  • Locally, nationally or internationally?
  • Private sale, tender or auction?
  • Local auction or in a major centre?

A good rural property agent knows how to attract the right buyers. Your agent will need to really understand your property value and any associated business to achieve your desired sale price.

When it comes to improving the marketability of your rural property, it pays to talk to an agent sooner rather than later. Rural property improvements can often take some time to complete. What’s more, your property may be best photographed for sale in spring, even if you plan to sell in summer.

Rural property sale agreements

Whether you decide to sell your property yourself or use a real estate agent, any rural or lifestyle property agreement for sale should be drawn up by a rural property law specialist.

An experienced rural property law specialist will check that your contract includes complete details of the transaction including:

  • Any special conditions you require
  • Checking the purchase and ownership of any stock that goes with the land
  • Existing sharemilking agreements,
  • Water reticulation
  • Any leases that apply to the land
  • Any covenants for water usage and access

A rural property law specialist can help to identify issues that could hold up the sale of your property and can also make arrangements with financial institutions on your behalf to ensure the discharge of any mortgage over the property at settlement, or assist with any refinancing.

Need to know more rural and lifestyle property sale agreements?

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