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Why do you need an accountant?

The assistance of a skilled accountant is invaluable in property transactions that involve the examination of financial records and payments of G.S.T. (Goods and Services Tax). Advice from an accountants is also invaluable concerning any tax implications for purchasing entities (GST registered persons, companies etc) as well as creation of purchasing entities, effect of purchaser nominations and tax implications and issues concerning developers of land (deemed or otherwise).

Before you sign a contract for selling or purchasing a business, farm or other enterprise, seek the advice of an accountant.

If it is not possible to get advice from an accountant before you sign a contract, make sure that the contract is conditional on the approval of an accountant. This will allow you to pull out of the deal if there are any negative effects for you such as tax implications.

Professional advice from an accountant can assist in structuring your property purchase or sale in a way that is beneficial to you.

The advice of an accountant supplements the advice of your lawyer when you restructure your finances when transferring property to or from trusts, or companies, or between family members, or when setting up the correct vehicle to own investment properties.

Why not set up a meeting bewen your legal and accounting advisors?

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