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Rural Property

Buying and selling rural or lifestyle property is similar to buying and selling residential property. if you’re familiar with the process of buying and selling houses or apartments, you’ll already have a general idea of the property process, but there are additional considerations with rural and lifestyle properties.

When it comes to buying rural and lifestyle property, you’ll need to answer questions like:

  • What are the restrictions on the title that might affect your use of the land?
  • Will you need to subscribe to a private water scheme for water supply?
  • Is the sewerage connected to the mains or is there a septic tank?
  • Are there restrictions on where you can build?
  • Are there areas of protected bush, or flooding issues?
  • Is nearby land zoned residential (or could you have a quarry opening over the hill)?
  • Is the seller (vendor) registered for GST?

Your property lawyer can help you ask the right questions, get the answers and work out what they mean for your property plans before you sign an agreement.

Need advice about your rural property sale or purchase?

The Property Law Service team have acted in many rural and lifestyle property transactions – everything from a few acres to hundreds of acres. Your Property Law Service specialist can provide pre-purchase advice, or you can get a quick conveyancing quote online. Alternatively, please contact us on 0800 PPTYLAW (0800 778 952) or +64 6 3705102.