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Land Information Memorandum (LIM) reports

Every local authority keeps records about the land in their area. If you want to know what information is held about your property or a property you want to buy, you can get a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report from the council or, if you have the time and know what you are looking for, you can get the information by visiting the council offices and searching their records.

How can I get a LIM report?

Often real estate agents have LIM reports available to show purchasers, so always ask if a report is available for any property you are interested in.

If the property is not being sold by a real estate agent, or if the LIM report is not available, you can contact the local council to have a LIM report prepared.

What is included in a LIM report?

LIM reports contain a wealth of detail about the land including:

  • Potential hazards such as flood plains
  • Whether the property is on a flight path for a nearby airport
  • Town planning zones
  • Known or suspected hazardous soil
  • Building permits held concerning the building
  • and much more.

How much does a LIM report cost?

The cost of a LIM report will vary from council to council as does the time it takes to prepare one.

Is a LIM report necessary?

Generally, LIM reports are considered to be of value and interest to a potential buyer. Most may not contain anything out of the ordinary, but information contained in a LIM report may also have a significant effect on the value of a property to you, or your ability to use the property as you’ve planned.

If you want to get a LIM report before finalising the purchase of a property, make sure that any contract you sign is subject to the receipt of a satisfactory LIM report.

Need help with your contract and LIM report?

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