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Whether you are buying a business, holiday home or family residence, it’s important to get full insurance before the purchase is settled.

Is insurance necessary?

Generally, if you are refinancing or taking out a mortgage with a bank or lending institution to finance a purchase, you will need to provide proof of insurance before they lend you the money. If they are taking out a mortgage to secure their loan then they will require the insurance company to note their interest on the policy. In the event of a total loss, or other, claim they may want the loan to be repaid directly from the insurers.

An experienced insurance broker may be able to find a policy for a difficult or unusual purchase, such as a partially built home, or assist you in finding a policy at a reasonable rate.

When you sell a property or business, remember to cancel your policy or have it transferred to your new purchase.

Confused about what sort of insurance you need to settle?

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