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Buying a business could easily be the biggest investment you ever make. Similarly, selling a business can be an important opportunity to turn your hard work and goodwill into cash. Whether you’re the vendor or the purchaser of a business, your business property transaction has the potential to either make you or cost you a significant amount of money.

Issues which you may need to consider as part of the purchase (or sale) process include:

  • The business structure (ie. family trust, company, partnership) of the purchaser
  • Lease and tenancy details
  • Apportioning the outgoings of the business
  • Insurance 
  • G.S.T.
  • Breakdown of the purchase price into goodwill, stock, plant etc.

The best outcome for you as a Vendor may be significantly different from your desired outcome as a Purchaser. Like any legal transaction, it’s important to get expert property law advice from the beginning of the buying or selling process, and definitely before you sign any agreement.

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